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The Home of DIY Handyman: How to Replace and Put a Belt on a Dryer Not Turning, Drying or Working
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Editor Note- Whether you are a diy handyman or a professional appliance repair person
please unplug the dryer before attempting any repair. If a gas appliance then turn of the
gas to the dryer. If the dryer drum is turning and there is no heat you might be surprised
a simple fix shown here.

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How to Replace and Put on a  Dryer Belt
Bud Spofford of Housecalls Home Services
"Dryers are relatively easy machines to work on. I say relatively with the consideration that the DIY home repair handyman doing the
repair is a tinkering kind of person. In other words a dryer is made up of a big metal box, a drum, a motor to turn the drum, a few wheels
to support the drum and finally a control panel. The dryer control panel is probably the least understood, maybe because it is the
electronics of it which essentially is a closed box, one that resists tinkering. As for the other parts of a dryer, break them out and sort and
sift. Here is a pictorial on how to replace and put on a dryer belt"  
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If you have spent anytime at all repairing appliances such as this dryer belt repair
chances are you understand the task at hand and the risks involved. In any DIY project it
is always a good idea to get organized. For starters;
  • Know the tools and what is required of them. Never try to force a tool to do
    something it is not intended to do, such as use a screwdriver as a hammer, try
    not to pound a screw with a hammer. I know it sounds basic but using tools
    improperly will cause accidents and bodily harm. A key to success in repairing
    any appliance is to consider the correctness of the tools you have and replace
    any that are dull-witted, so to speak. Blades should be sharp, drill bits too. Prior
    to the days of the internet  tools had to be either locally or from a mail-order
    catalog, such as Sears. Today, tools that are good quality, come with a lifetime
    warranty can be purchased online. With gas nearing $4 a gallon online shopping
    saves time and money
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Dryer will not heat, drum will not turn. You got problems mistah!
How to lift the lid of a dryer
thing is to get the top
open. Please note
that this may not be
STEP 1: procedure
procedure .The first
thing is to get the top
open. Please note
that this may not be
procedure procedure
for every dryer. This
dryer. This ADE
Series. Admiral
Series. Admiral is
owned by Maytag.
This lid is attached
with a simple clasp.
A screwdriver
inserted under the
lid was all the effort
required. Be careful
not to chip the
STEP 2: With the dryer lid up you can see the
it was snapped in half. (The reason it had
snapped was because someone using the
dryer had admitted to putting in a load that
had not properly spun in the washer. The
extra weight from all the excessive moisture
was too much for the belt.)

STEP 3: To remove the drum requires the
removal of the front panel of the dryer.
Hex head screw from an Admiral dryer
screws to remove. Once the screws were
removed the bottom of the front panel has
a couple of metal clips that simply are
seated in a slot of the main body. It
Before removing the front panel there is a
switch that is held by a clip. The switch is a
safety switch that allows the drum to
operate only with the door closed. The
switch is easy to remove by spreading the
clasp. While you have it out it is a good
idea to inspect the switch and wires for any
visible wear. Now is the time to replace a
switch before you put the dryer back

STEP 4:  With the front removed reveals the
parts and pieces that make a dryer what it
is. Not very impressive is it? A dryer is a
very basic machine that consists of a few
moving parts. The drum is not held on by
anything except the front panel itself. The
rear of the drum rests on pulleys (wheels).

Below the drum you can see the squirrel
cage housing. This is used to pull
unheated air from the drum (via the front
panel) back to the heat chamber and into
the rear of the drum. While you are at this
step note the blower wheel (squirrel cage)
and housing are probably filled with lint
and dust. Clean it as much as possible. In
this example I had removed the front of the
heat chamber and replaced the blower
wheel with a new one.  The part cost about
$20 as of May 2011.

This was actually the hardest part of the
job due to a million screws that had to be
removed. But in all it probably took an hour
for this part of the job.

STEP 5: With the drum removed there is
not much left in there. In the back of the
dryer are the pulleys (wheels) of which the
drum rolls on. I bought a kit, including the
stems to replace the old ones. The cost
was about $50. A bit expensive but I was
lucky to have found them at a local
appliance store. I hadn't planned on
replacing these but it occurred to me the
customer had said the dryer is a bit
squeaky. I had asked her if she had seen
a mouse and she said she had not, then it
must be the wheels.

Once the roller wheels were replaced it is
a matter of inspecting the motor. The
motor had some dust, lint and so forth and
it was vacuumed, including the inside of
the dryer itself. There is usually dust and
int all about the area. It is a fire hazard so it
is a good idea to remove it. While in this
step a bit of lubrication on moving parts is
a good idea. Just a spritz of WD-40 or
similar lubricant is needed. Don't spray too
much as all that does is attract dust.
The motor has a pulley (do not get any
lubricant in this area!). It is here that the
belt will apply.

STEP 7: Near the motor is a belt tensioner
of some sort (pictured here).

The tensioner is required to place 'tension'
on the belt. Without tension the belt will not
move. The dryer belt tension arm is not a
universal design and will vary from each
manufacturer. In the example here the
tensioner is attached to the bottom of the
dryer by a clip. A spring is attached to the
arm. Once the belt was in place it was a
matter of pulling the tensioner past the belt
(lading the spring) and bringing it to rest
on the belt whereupon the tension was
now in place.

STEP 8: The belt is installed on the drum
and the drum is set on the roller wheels.
Hold the drum in place on the wheels and
drop the panel back in the slots.
Replace a dryer belt and put on a new dryer belt
How to put a belt on a dryer.
Admiral dryer (Maytag) door switch.
Electric dryer with drum removed.How to replace a dryer belt.
Admiral dryer roller wheel kit.
Install a dryer belt
Admiral dryer pulley and motor
Dryer Belt Tension Arm
As you bring the front panel together with the main body the drum will seat on the front
panel. It takes a but of juggling but it is not too difficult. Don't forget to re-install the switch
before securing the front panel. Once the panel is secured the belt can be tensioned as
described above.

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