How to DIY and Build, De-Clutter Your Home with Organized Shelving for Garage, Basement, Closet for Less
Utility Shelving 13'-0" Wide x 8'-0" High x 1'-4" Depth
DIY Difficulty (1 easy, 10 difficult)  7
Time to completion: 8 hours
Material cost: $ 400-500
Pro Labor and misc. parts  $ 525-750
TOTAL*                              $ 925-1250
* Prices may vary in your area.
If you are unaware of hoarding it is a condition of some people who are unable to throw anything away. I'll leave the
psychological aspects of hoarding  to the professionals, but when it comes to storage and organization one thing I have
heard from my customers over the years is there is never enough closet space and storage space in their homes.

For many American households the organization of our stuff is a challenge. The easy solution is to reduce the amount of
stuff we have. But for most of us we have things, many things. As the saying goes, "a place for everything and everything
in its place." I like it.

The process of building shelves begins with creating an inventory of what needs to be stored. For garage storage the
inventory checklist is nothing more than pulling the car(s) out of the garage (assuming the cars fit in the garage), and
stepping back and looking at the big picture.

For most applications the storage needs can be met with a combination of 24" deep and 16" deep shelves. Sheet stock
is generally store bought and comes in sheets that are 4 feet x 8 feet. To minimize waste and get the biggest bang for the
buck the shelves can be cut in half (24"), thirds, (16") or in quarters, (12").

The materials used for shelving can be BC 3/4" plywood for a rough, utility grade of shelving. For a shelf more attractive
than utility plywood is melamine board (shown at right). Melamine is a nice product for many reasons. For one thing it
does not need painting. Secondly, the posts and shelf cleats are available in dimensional boards, these are 1 x 2, 1 x 3,
1 x 4 and so forth. Melamine is stable, drill-able and is a sturdy material for most applications.

If you have any questions visit our
In this garage storage project the space for shelving is 13
feet wide x 8 feet high. The before picture shows the
disorganization of the garage and haphazard storage.
The need for more advanced storage solutions was in
order for this family with adults and three kids. We
conducted an inventory of the things to be stored and
everything. The storage solution was to arrange sections
of shelving in two sections-- 24 inch deep and 16" deep
shelves. Additionally we added J-hooks in the ceiling for
bike storage.

The material used is paint-free melamine board.
Melamine is a versatile product, pre-finished and a
medium strength suitable for most homeowner
applications. For more rugged storage plywood is a
better choice bearing in mind that raw plywood is not very
attractive and does not look any better with paint.
In this garage storage project we had to make space for
containers, shop vac, skis, boots and many of the things
that are typical for many homeowners.

The 'seasonal' tools such as lawn tools for spring and
winter. Then there are bikes, skis, racks, carts, gas
cans, snow blowers, lawn mowers, golf clubs, deep
shelves. Everything else is 16" depth. The height
between shelves is 15-16".
The vertical supports are all 1 x 2 machine-nailed, adhered with PL-400 and backed with cleats.
and a 1 x 4 melamine boards.

On the right side at the door the shelf is supported from a ceiling joist. The reason for this shelf
people grabbing the support thereby increasing the risk of it to come loose over time. Up above it
is out of sight and out of mind.  
DIY and Save time and money and get home and life in order. The good news is that it doesn't matter how bad your own clutter is - you can conquer the clutter on your own terms, in your own time - fast or slow - or a little of both. How to get your home in order almost immediately.
How to de-clutter your home, life and garage and better organize with build-in  utility shelves
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