What You Need to Install a Wall Mount TV

  1. Drill and drill bits
  2. Level
  3. Toggle bolts (or masonry anchors
    for brick).
  4. A
Professional Wall Mount TV Installers
Housecalls Professional installers can mount
your tv on a wall and/or build your shelving and
cabinets. (We do not offer advice on  tv and  
sound systems.)  Show us the space you have
to work with and we can build shelves, modify
walls, run wires and make custom cabinetry.

Basic tv Installation is relatively easy and
should not take more than a couple of  hours
(electrical extra).  If you are looking for a simple
way to mount your plasma set, wall mounting
is ideal. Television wall mounts can be
purchased from any electronics store or online
or we can bring them for your job.

Basic Price for a wall mount installation is
between $125-190 for most basic installations
(not including materials.)
Professional LCD & Plasma TV Wall Mount Installations   (330) 524-5626 call/text
Professional Wall mount tv installations
DIY or Professional TV Wall Mount  Installations
Any plasma, LCD tv can be safely installed on drywall, plaster, above or over a fireplace, on brick
and just about anywhere. How high to hang a tv is determined by a number of factors, starting with
the type of wall mount, the viewing area and number of viewers.
Wall Mount TV Installation Services

(330) 524-5626 call/text
Hudson, Ohio
DIY Home Handyman. You have decided your handyman diy skills are adequate to mount your plasma TV
to a wall in your home. Good for you. You need to keep a few things in mind. First check the weight of
your  TV and match it to a wall mount bracket. Secondly, decide on a tilt bracket or a telescopic full swivel.  
As you shop for a wall bracket system, make sure that any mount that you consider is able to comfortably
handle the weight of your television.

Just getting the plasma TV wall mounts is only the first step though. Now you have to install them. You
can’t simply drill holes at any spot in your wall and mount the hardware. You have to secure the wall
mount bolts to a substantial backer, such as directly to the wall studs.
custom built cabinets and wall mount tv over fireplace
The picture on the left is a very common wall
mount tv above the fireplace. We installed the
wall mount tv including the custom shelves.

The wood used for the shelving is poplar,
painted white. The cabinet tops and hearth are
granite, color known as Uba Tuba.

This entire installation that includes the
shelving, cabinets, counters, electrical
installed March 2011. This particular project
cost about $4500 (less tv and mantle).
DIY Home Handyman Wall Mount TV: "Installing a wall mount for a plasma, lcd tv, or wall monitor is becoming much less complicated
than in the past. Today there are many options for hardware and television mounting brackets. The correct way to hang a tv depends on
where it will be installed. Is it safe to hang a tv on drywall? Plaster? How to hang a tv over a fireplace? I hope these pages will help you
with your wall hung tv installation."
How to Safely Install a Wall Mount  Plasma LCD TV Over and Above a Fireplace
how to install a plasma lcd tv over and above a fireplace
somewhere between the middle of the screen and 1/3 of the way from the bottom of the screen. Sitting
down, this would put the middle of the screen, the height off the ground determined by the height of the
many people.

Without the fireplace you might consider installing your LCD or plasma tv on a nice big flat wall. You
should be able to fit about 60" up the wall without it looking out of place.

What is involved in installing a wall-mount tv? There are many different plasma and LCD TV mounts
available on the market. So how do you choose? In the first place, mounting a plasma/LCD television
set under most circumstances is a relatively easy process that can be handled by a diy home
Is it safe to install or hang a plasma LCD tv over a fireplace?

Still, the whole process takes some planning
and should only be undertaken when all the facts
are known, such as-what kind of wall bracket do
you need? Will the tv be installed on plaster?
Brick? Drywall?

Installing a wall mount tv is not as easy as it
seems, and unless you have an average level of
diy do-it-yourself skills, it is best to call for
professional assistance. In particular, if you are
going to wall-mount your plasma TV, you need to
know how to operate a drill and use a spirit level.
Fixing the mount perfectly level is critical as it
would be hard to fix a poorly done job.
mount bracket then you can begin to center the
bracket over the fireplace. Bear in mind that for
and cables that have to be considered. There is
no point to have a classy wall mount television
only to have wires hanging all over the place.
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connecting cables through the wall, or hide
Running cables through a wall is the best
approach as aesthetically it yields a better result.
Running cables through drywall is relatively easy.
It requires cutting two holes - one behind your TV,
and the other where you want them to come out;
once these holes are completed, just fish the
cables through the wall.

Running cable through a brick wall can be a little
bit trickier - you may need to hire an electrician
though you can do it yourself if you are handy with
that kind of construction work.
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