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Protect Your Family against Harmful Bacteria Build-up:    How to clean and polish Kitchen Cabinets
The hand rubbed finish of Ohio-made Amish custom cabinets
Kitchen cabinet tune up Housecalls Home Services
Kitchen cabinets can take a beating, especially for those cooks who spend
are bound to be broken parts and pieces amongst the sticky 'grungy-ness.' If
this sounds like your kitchen then now is the time for a kitchen tune-up. A
kitchen cabinet tune-up can make your cabinets look like new!

Step 1: The first thing we do is inspect and repair for lose handles and hinges,
drawer glides that have come loose or are stiff and awkward to operate. We
lubricate moving pieces and fix what we can. Sometimes we find broken
hardware that needs to be replaced. We have sources for 99% of all kitchen
cabinet  hardware and if needed can order new parts and pieces for your
kitchen cabinets (these extras, if needed are not included in the Kitchen Cabinet
Tune-up Offer).

Step 2: Next, the handyman will bring along a touch up kit that includes many
wood shades of touch-up stains, fillers, and pumice-type polish to remove the
dings and chips as much as possible.

Step 3: Once the handyman goes through the kitchen and makes the repairs it
is time for the cleaning crew, care of Simply Spotless
(tm). They will clean all the
cabinet fronts, inside door panels and sides of exposed cabinets. It includes one
gentle cleaning with a mild solution of products designed for cabinet and
furniture cleaning. The cleaner is an extra gentle cleaner designed especially
for the cleaning of wood surfaces. These products will not damage the most
delicate wood finish. The time-proven formula tackles even the toughest
clean-up jobs with a natural linseed oil base. It deep cleans the wood surface
lifting out years of old wax, polish, stains, grease, grime, crayon, dust and dirt
build-up, leaving the surface clean and ready to be re-polished. It allows the
natural beauty of your wood to shine through, bringing the furniture back to life.
Excellent for use on antiques, kitchen cabinets, paneling and painted wood

Step 4: A final coat of polish is then gently rubbed into the previously cleaned
surfaces and allowed to dry. Once this step is complete your kitchen cabinets
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