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How to Get Free TV, No More Cable Bills, Download Movies, Stream Online with Roku, Netflix, Hulu
"Ok, so this page is not about home improvement, but then again when you can save money and improve your home with high quality tv
content it is worth discussing. I know it is not only me but have you too noticed how the cable bill keeps getting higher? In my
neighborhood it is up to $85 a month for basic cable. In a year that adds up to $1020! That's crazy. These cable companies are out of
line. The satellite dish is not much better because of added monthly fees for each television set.  I had to figure out a way to get rid of
cable but at the same time not lose my favorite channels.  With a little research and asking a few friends I have removed myself from the
world of cable. What I found were many alternatives to a monthly cable bill. "
Television has come a long way since the days of cathode ray tubs, rabbit ears and
clunky VHF/UHF tuning knobs. In the 1960's the choice was;

  • 3VHF Channels (3, 5, 8)
  • 4 UHF Channels (23, 25, 49, 61)

Imagine that. Pretty much 7 channels to choose from and they signed off at 1 or 2 AM.
Hard to believe that in the early days television was not a 24-hour, 7 days a week
marathon as it is shopped for groceries and actually cooked in the kitchen. How novel is

But enough about the history lesson. Today the television audience wants much more
than mega-channels. They want the options a la carte, to pick and choose. And why not?
There is something unfair when the one source for television reception is cable and
only one company that hods the keys to the channels. For the typical consumer to have
to rely on one cable provider in the neighborhood and the sole providers menu is limited
to channel packages that are NOT in the interest in the consumer but in the interest of
profitability. Of course, the cable providers could provide custom options for viewing
pleasure but that would be less profitable, after all if consumer options were the
profitable way to deliver television channels the monopolistic cable company would
make it happen. I say it is time for the consumer to fight back and get rid of cable, its
excessive fees and its stranglehold on the viewing audience.  

With the advent of alternatives to cable there may be a major shift in the works.
Thankfully, cable company may be heading for extinction, at least here in this writer's
household. The alternatives are streaming content via the internet, roof mount antenna
(yes, it is available locally, it is free and in HD (high definition).  These alternatives are
rapidly becoming common alternatives in the American household.

Are you ready to ditch your cable bill? Some people wish for things back the way they
were before the digital transition, when the analog world gave way to the digital world,
meaning you would be happy with just the free, over-the-air, broadcast channels.

Many people don't realise there is a way to get back to the days of free television.
Depending on how close you live to broadcast towers is the main determination to
watch over-the-air TV for free. The number of channels you get depend on where you
live. Some people can get all of the local broadcast channels and more. While others
are limited to a few off channels, channels you’ve probably never heard of.

I read about the  

Before we go any further, check to see what channels you might receive. Follow
the instructions for your area.

Here is What You Need for Over-the-Air Free TV Available at Amazon-

High Definition TV        
The next question you might be asking is about the quality of the reception. In my house
we had both the HDTV compatible antenna and the indoor thin-line Mohu Leaf antenna.
My reception is excellent and the results were similar with both. The Mohu Leaf takes up
less space but in my case that wasn't a consideration.

We used the scan at and were able to tune in to each of the channels,
especially the HD broadcasts. I think it is fair to say the reception (the picture) is actually
crisper than my cable. The cable guy is a friend of mine and he said that is very typical
for better picture because in his words all the cable company does is pull the signal
from their massive antenna, plug it in to the cable line and re-sells it to the consumer! I
had no idea. Naturally, by the time the signal gets to my house it is not as clean thus the
reason for the crisper HD broadcast. I now have a better picture for less money.

No more cable bills, no more monthly service fees. It is worth it. Even the kids have
been satisfied.  At first they missed the convenience of having memorized their favorite
channels but after a week or so they were very comfortable with a new system and even
discovered better shows in the meantime. Plus, they learned a lesson about budgeting.
Today there are Many Alternatives to Monthly
Cable and Satellite TV Fees
By: Mari Esso, super-frustrated ex-consumer of cable tv
Cheaper then Netflix
without subscriptions
If you want to watch premium movies from a variety of genres on your HD TV or computer
with NO monthly payments, NO extra hardware, and absolutely NO restrictions, then
there are choices. You and your family can enjoy all the movie favorites such as-

Shawshank Redemption
Pulp Fiction
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
The Dark Knight
Forrest Gump, and more.

We looked at a couple of movie options and have to say they all have plenty to offer. We
looked at where members get unlimited movie downloads with no
"Per Title" fees. You own The downloaded movies forever.

Another choice is for movies is Here you can download or stream
unlimited premium movies from a wide range of genres from a legally licensed service
directly to your computer.

Not to be left out of the loop Amazon now offers streaming video.

If you have a connection from your computer to your plasma or LCD television you can try
SatelliteDirect.  This software technology taps into more than 3,500 TV channels
worldwide right over the Internet. You can enjoy more channels than your cable and
satellite TV combined for a one-time fee that is less than one month of the typical
monthly cable bill. If I'm not mistaken this technology is similar to what
ROKU is doing.
Except with ROKU you get the little black box that is designed to be used with your
plasma or LCD television.

Though it is called Satellite Direct you don't need a satellite dish, receiver or any other
equipment to their software. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.
Simply download our software and you are ready to enjoy over 3,500 channels

You can watch TV right from your laptop or desktop computer anytime or anywhere in the
world. Or connect your computer directly to your TV set - once you are a member we will
show you how!

I wondered if you’d mind breaking down the actual savings in numbers.
On 02.13.12 Mari  said:

We were paying $250 a month for cable, telephone, and internet
Now we pay: $15 for basic cable {local channels}, $44.95 for internet, $7.99 for Hulu
and $7.99 for Netflix
So a total of $76 for everything except our house phone, which we don’t need , that is
a savings of $174 , about a 70% savings!

Even if your cable bill is lower than ours you can still get it lowered!

On 02.13.12 Carmella said:

My husband and I tried to lower out bill with Comcast, which has a monopoly on the
cable service in our area. I tried everything. They gave me a “loyalty dept.” phone
number. When we called, we were scoffed at and told there is no “loyalty dept.” After
days of going back and forth and getting nowhere, we threatened to leave and get a
different service (Dish Network or DirecTV) and Comcast was very quick to start the
cancellation process. Of course we were only calling their bluff, so now we’re stuck
with a $150 cable/internet bill and no other choice!
On 02.13.12 Janel said:

We have comcast too and literally have no other choice for internet. Verizon and att
don’t offer internet where we live. That’s why we dropped all that we could and went
with streaming.

On 03.12.12 Will in Denver, Colo said:

Comments about Roku 2 HD Streaming Player:

Great entertainment value! I am now free of cable although I do miss some of the
cable stations there is so much to. Watch on roku via Hulu Netflix,crackle, etc and
listen to pandora which is phenomenal radio!i love my roku!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
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On 03.19.12 Martin in Columbus, Ohio said:

Hey Bud. Thanks for the info. This is a lot of information. I had no idea there were all
these options. My wife and I were disappointed by another spike in the cable bill so we
were looking for alternatives. My friend had a antenna (the one from Amazon) and
loved it. I am ordering one of those and the movie clubs. Which of the clubs works out
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