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Since 1988
The Handyman Niche is an Exceptional Niche
in a Demand-Driven Industry

Greetings fellow handymen. The Great Recession has been destructive to the home construction
industry. Yet, through it all research proved to me that the opportunity for the handyman business fills a
great need for today's homeowners. Through the economic slowdown the big remodeling jobs slowed to a
crawl, yet the handyman niche trended up as an affordable option for homeowners whose home equity had
all but dried up. Any home owner knows to take care of the little things.

There are many reasons growth in the handyman niche. The most obvious being aging baby-boomers.
Every day from now until 2021 there are at least 10,000 workers retiring. And many of them have pensions,
money in the bank and leisure time on their hands. What they don't want to do is work on their homes.

Another reason for the growth of the handyman niche is a culture shift of young workers. Today's
college-educated professionals are getting away from 'hands-on' construction vocations. Whereas in
previous generations kids often followed parents in the trades, today the younger generation is seeking
opportunities in medicine, tech, marketing and so forth. It is this homeowner who will rely on the services of
a local handyman.

The opportunity here is one that offers training, business acumen, profitable job pricing-a complete
operation. To be a success handyman does not mean you have to know how a home is built, yet it is to
your advantage that we do know how to build homes-for this is part of the training experience.

It is not necessary to have basic understanding of plumbing, electrical, drywall, painting, carpentry and so
forth. What is important to know is how to find, train, and qualify the workers for your operation,

More often than not the franchise opportunity is the quickest and most efficient means to get a handyman
business up and running profitably. When you invest in a company with 30 years experience in home
construction, and home remodeling you get to the best experience now and in the future.

In this tough economy there are far too many amateurs working from a beat up truck who possess few
tradesman skills. Very often they are not professional and have no clue how to charge for their services.  
And I say this without disrespect to these hard-working men and women. But truthfully, to be successful in
the handyman realm is more of an art than a science. It is one thing to fix a door knob, it is another to
answer phones properly, schedule the workday, build a team of reliable workers, create a profitable pricing
structure, follow-up with customers, organize a successful marketing presence to get noticed. It even comes
down to the workers attire-shoes, clothes, hats. The business is much more than 'just' a guy, a truck, and a

With Housecalls Home Services you get all the support you need. You will have your handyman business
up and running in no time. With our backing you can be safe in the knowledge that we are a phone call or
an email away.

If you are seeking a business that is profitable, that gives you freedom to set your own hours and with
exceptional growth potential, maybe this is an idea worth considering. You owe it to yourself to take a look
at a Housecalls Home Services business opportunity.

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