Handyman Home Repairs
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Do you have insurance? Yes. We have a General liability policy up to $1 million with Leonard Insurance,
    Canton, Ohio.

  • Are you licensed? The state of Ohio does not require licensing for our handyman services. Even as a
    builder of homes licensing is not required, though each city does require registration for builder. On larger
    remodeling jobs we will use licensed electricians, plumbers and HVAC techs when required.

  • Are you bonded? This is one of those areas where some handyman services and home remodeling
    companies will advertise "Licensed, Bonded, Insured". Be wary of any service that uses this in their
    advertisement because it is misleading to the consumer. Here is a good explanation by a law firm that
    talks about the subject.

  • What should I consider when deciding my budget? That is a good question.  The best thing a home
    owner or commercial property owner can do is to first take care of things that can only get worse, such as
    leaks of any sort. Whether from the roof, sinks, shower or wherever water leaks are never good. Especially
    here in northeast Ohio where carpenter ants, hornets, and termites love wet woody lumber. We have been
    on many jobs where the exterminator had to be called because the leak was not addressed sooner.  
    Secondly, take care to remove any electrical hazards; update wet areas (bathrooms, kitchens) with GFI's,
    for example. Not too many years ago people died in the bathtub when the radio they were listening to fell
    into the bathwater--ugh! It can still happen and you don't want to be a member of the "1000 Ways to Die" tv
    show. Beyond that look for loose railings, hand rails and loose steps. Falling down steps is leading
    cause of senior accidents. We will come out and give you a free analysis if  you have any concerns in
    these areas.

  • What should I consider when hiring a contractor? When considering a handyman or remodeling service
    it is best to rely on experience and someone you could trust. Friends and family is a good start. For us call
    or send an email and we will send a list of references.

  • Are you guys handymen, a remodeling company or both? Before the Great Recession we were building,
    remodeling and rehabbing homes

  • What should I ask of contractors that give me an estimate?  The best questions to ask- when can you
    start? What are the hidden charges, if any? How long will the job take? Who are the workers that will be in
    my home?
Handyman Home Repairs