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wood. In this project I show how to remove a threshold and reinstall a new one. The work itself is not too difficult but the challenge is to
find a replacement threshold, one that is of the proper height, width and depth. This one was purchased at Home Depot. "

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The Door Threshold is Loose? Bug Invasion!
When the threshold under a door is loose it may be evidence of
a more serious problem, such as friendly wood-eating ants.
The removal and replacement of door threshold is a relatively easy job when you
the proper tools.  This project was completed in a couple or three hours.  

This is a project that requires the purchase of a threshold similar to the one in that is
being removed.  In this example the original threshold had fallen off and fortunately the
customer had retained it. Whenever I get a call for a threshold repair I find it easiest to
take the threshold to the supply house to match it up. That is unless I can determine the
brand of door. I have also taken a photo of a threshold to a supplier and ordered them that
way.  For this job I took it to Home Depot to match it up with a replacement. We were lucky
to have found an experienced clerk who recognized it as the threshold of a brand they
carried. They were able to order an exact match. A replacement threshold does not
necessarily have to be an exact match but the trick is to find one that is similar and if
necessary to modify the door opening as needed.

The tools you will need: Cordless screwdriver, reciprocating saw, hammer, chisel,
screwdriver, PL 400 (or any construction adhesive.

Threshold projects can become an insect pest control project. Many times the area below
an exterior threshold is wet (for northeast Ohio anyway). Carpenter ants love damp,
protected environments. Many times I have had to call the exterminator for the ants and
then replace a section of wood. In extreme examples the ants will bore channels in the
joists and rim of the rough framing. Needless to say this is not good. Structural
deficiencies can do great harm to the structure and should be attended to as soon as
Exterior door threshold before removal
Threshold removed for installation of new
Aluminum threshold to be installed in opening
weatherstrip and it keeps
insects outside where they

Most new entry door
thresholds are made of   
aluminum  or  hardened
plastic (as shown to the
aluminum  or  hardened
aluminum  or  hardened
plastic (as shown to the
plastic (as shown to the
right) This one is a plastic
right) This one is a plastic
extrusion. You can see the
crack in the middle of the
threshold. The reason it
cracked was due to the
fact there was nothing
underneath it to prevent it
from settling. With every
foot that stepped on it
caused a little more
damage. Plastic becomes
brittle with age, especially
when it is trapped between
the entry door and storm
door where direct sunlight
will cause it to expand and
contract.  It is not a good
substitute for aluminum
Remove the door from the
hinges and set aside.

Remove the threshold. As
shown in the picture
above the threshold is
cracked in the center.
Since this one is cracked
in the center it does not
require a saw cut down
the middle. One way to
gently lift the pieces away
from the side jambs.   
Once the old threshold is removed there may be old caulk, screws and nails. Remove all
obstructions and sweep the area for the installation of a new threshold. Also, it is a good
idea to check for any moisture damage. Insects such as carpenter ants or termites love a
damp area and can wreak havoc if left alone. If you notice dirt trails or soft spongy wood it
must be removed and replaced with solid material.

Lay the new threshold across the area and see if you can slide it in at the widest point. If so,
then mark both ends with a pencil. If the threshold does not fit under the jamb you will have
to cut the aluminum at the pencil marks.  You will be cutting a notch on each end. Do not cut
the entire width or you will be too narrow on the inside of the threshold.
Once the threshold is cut to fit properly you should set it in place but do not secure it at this
time. Check to make sure it fits properly. Make any minor adjustments as needed. Remove
the threshold and with a broom sweep the floor of an y debris before installing the new
threshold. Then, on the underside of the threshold apply enough weather seal (caulking of
some sort) and reinstall the threshold in the opening.

Many threshold are made with an adjustable weather strip. This is the movable section of
a threshold that will snug up to the bottom of the door. The correct height is obtained
simply by opening the door and adjusting the threshold until a proper seal is achieved and
at the same time does not chafe too tightly with the door in the closed position.
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