Protect your Chimney with a Chimney Cap
A Chimney cap is one of those things most homeowners pay little
attention to, that is until you have an expensive chimney repair. To prevent
deterioration form of a chimney cap.
 Installation cost of a typical
chimney cap is between $125-155 (less cap).

Chimney caps have many functions. They prevent debris from entering
into the chimney flue and also act as a barrier preventing sparks from the
roof line. A chimney cap can protect the flu liner from erosive effects of
rain intrusion. A chimney cap is an inexpensive solution to properly
protecting your home.

Ready made chimney caps are made of a variety of materials including
galvanized metal, stainless steel, copper, and custom made sandstone
(seen at left). Chimney caps are for any heat-vent on your home
exterior-wood burning, gas furnace or fireplace.

Chimney Repairs
Basic maintenance on your brick chimney will save you hundreds and
maybe thousands of dollars on future repairs. Some of the common
repairs for chimneys include tuck-pointing (removing old mortar and
applying new). Chimney flu liner repairs, crown removal and

Any loose and missing bricks on a chimney should be repaired or
replaced sooner rather than later. You do not want rain and snow to get
behind the brick which could crack in freezing temperatures.

Chimney Flashing
Flashing should be tight against the brick with no gaps at the joint where
it meets the brick. Even a small crack could allow moisture to get in and
eventually on a ceiling.

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Custom Installation of a sandstone chimney cap, Hudson Ohio.
Dual Chimney cap black galvanized
Black Galvanized Dual Cap
Chimney cap black galvanized
Black Galvanized chimney cap
Single Galvanized Chimney cap
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