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DIY Handyman Home Tips for Spring Cleaning and Fix Up Your Home

Ok you handyman winter is over and it is time to get outside and survey the winter damage.  In my part of northeast Ohio the winter was long, cold and frozen. The freeze thaw cycle is the chief contributor to water-damaged ceilings and walls. The ice has a way of backing up under the roof shingles, then it freezes, thaws, build up again. Then, a warm spell allows the ice to melt and very often it drips right through the insulation on to the drywall.

At Housecalls Handyman Home Services we have many customers with water-damaged ceilings. It is usually an easy project for a handy homeowner. Our handymen are at work full time patching, priming, stippling and painting many ceilings.

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Posted by Administrator - April 20, 2011 at 3:37 pm

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