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The Home of DIY Handyman: 7 Maintenance Items to Keep Your Home Free of Major Costs Later

Welcome to another blog, the Home of the DIY Handyman.

One thing I relate to my DIY customers is the importance of keeping up with the maintenance items, basically the honey-do handyman list updated regularly. Maybe you have home handyman jobs that got put off for the time being. Is it because your home handyman didn’t know how or where to start? It is always a good idea to keep a pad of paper handy and keep track of the honey-do chores. Then, before hiring your favorite handyman why not walk about your house, inside and out, to see what needs repair. Taking care of the basics will save you stress, time and money. This list of repairs is something the DIY can handle, with a caution to getting up on the roof! Please be extra careful up there.

7 Home Maintenance Items:
1. The Roof: By all means take care of the roof. Gravity pulls water down and into your home. Little things will become big things and cost more later. Look for loose shingles, attic leaks, loose mortar on chimneys. If you cannot do it yourself hire a roofer or a handyman.
2. Leaks are never good. Running, leaky faucets and toilets need immediate attention, that is unless you enjoy paying a high water bill. Get those fixed before major expense is incurred and repairs increase in cost. A jump in your water bill is never good, and in most places water and sewer rates are increasing. Also, depending on the leak it can lead to mold, wood rot and severe water damage.
3. Caulking: Check for missing or moldy caulk around your tub and shower. Chances are you already know if this is a problem area in your home. Keeping everything watertight will save you a bundle, so be sure to repair any caulking failures. But don’t stop there. Check the exterior surfaces around windows, doors, siding and wherever water and insects can penetrate.
4. Electrical: Many homeowners wait too long when it comes to electrical problems. This puts homes and families at risk for electrical fire. If you have any of these issues, call in a reputable electrician or handyman.
5. Drafty doors and windows: Improperly sealed windows and doors will bring cold air inside during the winter and let cooled air out in the summer, costing you big bucks on your energy bill. An energy audit can tell you where your leaks are and how to seal them up.
6. Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Experts say 60 percent of service calls result from systems with dirty air filters. It is a good idea to change air filters regularly, say three to four times a year. It can save you up to $100 each year on your energy bill. Plus you and your family breathe easier with cleaner air. Many heating and air conditioning companies offer maintenance plans, look for an affordable one if you notice problems.

7. Sump Pumps. Maybe you have a sump pump in the lower level of your home. It is a good idea to have this checked for proper operation, do this annually. Sump pumps will seize and fail to operate and it always seems to happen in an emergency. If you do not have a battery back up then by all means get one. Flood damage is messy, moldy and can force you out of your home if too sever. Get an annual inspection from a handyman plumbing expert and check the batteries. Today, most battery backups come with a warning signal if the battery is low or weak. In northeast Ohio visit Housecalls Handyman Services and ask about their Home Maintenance Specials.

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