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The Home Handyman DIY: Sheds, How-to U-Build-it Guide to a World Class Shed for Gardens, Bikes, Dogs. A Shed for Less

In today’s world houses are getting smaller and the DIY U-build-it shed is becoming increasingly popular. Sheds are getting bigger, with more features. Whether a shed is needed for a garden, bikes, dogs, chickens-any shed can be a world class shed, even if it a small

How to DIY and Build a shed

DIY and Save when you Build a shed.

functional shed on a city lot or a spacious storage shed or in the country.
Many Shed Design and Plans to Choose From-Most shed plan books come complete with building plans for all of the designs shown on their pages. The design options are numerous. You’ll get storage sheds, one, two and three-car garages, backyard barn plans, cabanas, little pole-barns, workshops, hobby shops, barn-style sheds, backyard studios, pool houses, backyard cottages and more. These professional blueprints are engineered for top quality construction. Bear in mind in any book or cd of plans you may have local requirements to meet. Be prepared to alter any plan if necessary. As a home builder I know how frustrating this can be, but go with the flow and if you need help altering a plan let me know here on the blog. I can point you in the right direction or even modify your shed plans as necessary.

When it comes to sheds they are not limited to a box and a roof. There are garden sheds, cottage sheds, bike sheds, dog sheds and just about anything you can think of. Many of the shed plans are ideal for the how to build a shed, diy u-build-it and for much less than hiring a crew. With a good set of plans a shed can be built in a matter of days.

Sheds are fun to build with Family and Friends. Whatever you do with your shed building project by all means have fun and let it be an educational experience. In fact, make a video and I will post it on this site with your credits. One way to think of building a shed is to think of it as a small house and you are the home builder. There is much to be learned in building a world class shed!

Here you can find many ideas and thousands of plans for all types of sheds.

Glossary of Terms –

  • auger – A tool for drilling holes in wood,consisting of a bit with a spirally inclined plane and a handle.
  • batten – A strip of wood, or a board, used to bridge or seal a gap between two other boards.
  • beveled cut – An angle cut.
  • bit- That part of a drill or auger which actually makes the hole.
  • block plane – A small hand tool used to shave off or smooth lumber.
  • box nail – A thin shanked or smooth, flat headed nail. Usually #8
  • chalk line – A string coated with chalk dust, used to mark long, strieght lines.
  • chisel – A straight or beveled edge tool used for paring wood.
  • combination square – A 12 inch long measuring tool with a sliding head, which can be adjusted at different lengths. The head has one at a 90 degree -right- angle to the blade and the other edge at a 45 degree angle.
  • common nail – A flat headed nail with a heavier head and thicker shank than a box nail.
  • countersink – To drive a nail or screw until the head is below the surface of the wood.
  • finishing nail – A headless or nearly headless nail.
  • gusset- A flat brace joining two boards, often a triangle of plywood joining two rafters at the roof peak.
  • jamb – The inner framework of a door facing the edge of the door.
  • rafter – A timber extending from roof peak to wall top.
  • skid – A foundation board for small building, like a little storage shed or dog house

You too can build a shed   Complete Shed Plans. Click Here!

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