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The Home of DIY Handyman: The clothes dryer takes forever to dry. Sound familiar?

The Home of DIY Handyman: What is up with the Dryer?

In the handyman business there are many jobs we are asked to do. Most of the handyman do-it-yourselfers that I know are problem solvers

A broken clothes dryer

How to repair a dryer that will not heat up.

first. The home handyman doesn’t get into this business thinking he or she knows everything, but it is more about the passion of solving problems, like a game of chess or sudoko. So when my customer called and said her dryer is not drying I stepped up to the plate to see if I could resolve it. If you are thinking of trying to fix your dryer please read on. However, if you want to forget about it and buy a new dryer here is a link to discount appliance store.

To become good at anything takes experience, it is no different in the handyman venue. And this especially true when it comes to dryers. The typical handyman probably doesn’t work on dryers. This is due in part because of the various models, parts, pieces and is a specialty in itself. However, as a problem solver I will usually give it a look. I usually take the position in my craft that someone has to know how to do it so it may as well be me. I mean, if they make these things with cheap, under-educated labor how difficult can it really be to fix. The answer depends on the methods used.

The first thing we do is to make sure the unit has electricity, or gas depending on the dryer. I do this by checking the breakers (fuses) then I usually run for operation to see if the juice is on at the dryer. After running through all my prelims on the juice side then I check the exhaust for blockage. The exhaust is the dryer vent, the warm moist air needs somewhere to go and if there is blockage the moisture cannot escape and the clothes will take forever to dry.

When I removed the dryer vent hose I discovered a mound of acorns and a squirrel. The squirrel had found this cozy sanctuary in the dead of winter and made himself right at home. Upon releasing my little friend back to the out of doors I ran the dryer for operation and it worked fine. A screen mesh on the outside of the dryer vent prevented another intruder from making a home. Who knows, maybe I will get a call in a few months from the neighbor for the same repair.

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