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Home Renovations that add Value to Your Home

The question often asked is by home owners is on renovations that will actually pay
back in the long run. Generally any home that is maintained and well kept is worth every penny invested. But what abut the bigger, more expensive projects like kitchen renovations, bath remodeling, custom wood entry doors?

Kitchen Renovations
Your kitchen renovation is a smart, worthwhile project that could easily help increase the value of your home. Plus, as the heart of the home it is where family and friends tend to get together, which in itself is valuable yet the value of which is hard to pin down in terms of dollars and cents. The down side of not remodeling the kitchen is when your kitchen is out-of-date or obsolete-this makes for a tougher sale.

A kitchen update does not necessarily require a guts-out major remodel. It can be basic touching up of nicks and scratches, fresh clear coat on the cabinets, new knobs or handles, grime removal, fresh paint, modern lighting and flooring. A little effort and a few dollars can go a long way. Palermo_Quartz

On the other hand if a kitchen is woefully inadequate a complete renovation may be the only way to enhance value. The best part is the kitchen is usually the best opportunity to invest a few dollars that will come back into your pocket later at resale. Today’s kitchens offer features that home buyers like, such as effortless soft close drawers, self closing doors, durable finishes in a multitude of stains and paints, a wide variety of storage options.

Updating a Bathroom
A bathroom remodel can be the most profitable home improvement project.  If a return on investment is your guide just ask any Realtor,  the best money is in upgrading your bathroom or kitchen where you have the greatest chance of getting your money back. For example, In northeast Ohio many homes have huge, outdated whirlpools taking up space that rarely, if ever get used. Getting rid of a cumbersome whirlpool is for many home owners the primary reason to update. What they do instead is to replace the wasted space with a spacious, roomy walk in shower. How nice is that?

Exterior and Interior Doors
At first blush, the quality of your front door may not seem like a significant factor in the overall value of your home. But according to experts, the front door is a very important part of a home’s curb appeal and contributes greatly to value.

Custom 'solid core' Mission style door.

Custom ‘solid core’ Mission style door.

The entry to your home is usually the first impression for visitors. A good quality wood door with a beautiful finish and a fully loaded multi-function Schlage lock with keyless entry and built-in alarm technology tells visitors they are entering a unique, high quality space. A front door renovation can be an excellent return on investment.

When considering remodeling a kitchen, a bath or improving an entry door with a new, quality wood door step back and realize what is important to you and your goals. If you are selling your home or keeping it for awhile? Therein may lie the best answer.

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