How to Build a House and When to Build the Home of Your Dreams

Thinking of Building a New House? A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Your Thoughts and Ideas Together.

Building a New Home? We can Help

Building a New Home? We can Help

The good news on the economy is that new home construction is on the mend. The recession had all but killed it for many home builders who unfortunately went out of business. The question we get asked is where are the Custom Home Builders? This is a dilemma leaving new home buyers scratching their heads wondering when and where to find a good reputable custom home builder, that is someone other than the typical, somewhat inflexible tract cookie-cutter house builder.

It Begins with a Dream, your Vision
For anyone looking to build a home it begins with an idea of the style and type of home one is considering. There are many house designs to chose from with bungalows, colonials, farmhouses, craftsman, contemporary, ranch, modern, prairie, traditional and many more. It is a good idea early on to narrow the choices of the architectural style of the home you intend to build. Then when you talk to a custom home builder or your architect you can get an idea of what you are considering is feasible for the locality in which you plan to build.

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Do you even need an architect?
Having an architect is not essential for new home design. There are many home designers who design magnificent homes and are not licensed architects. The home designer can, if need be, approach an architect for a stamp of approval.

At this stage it is not advisable to cement ideas to your wish list because you may not get everything your heart desires. There are many practical and impractical considerations to take into account when planning a new home. Some decisions are out of your control and in the hands of the local planning and zoning department. For example, here in Hudson Ohio we have an architectural review board that reserves the right to reject and accept an entire home design or it can be as minor as shutters and deck screws. Plus, if you already have a building site there may be issues that can affect the final design such as wetlands, riparian right-of-ways, height and width restrictions, sight restrictions and more.

Settle in on a Design Theme

In the early stage of your journey focus on floor plans and your architectural main theme. Are you more of a traditionalist with a Norman Rockwell kind of look or are you at the other end with the Phillip Johnson ultra-modern glass house? Most of us are somewhere in the middle. With the basic architectural style at hand it is easier to move from floor plan to floor plan and to create a set of functions that appeal to you. Ask yourself about the priorities, such as 1st floor laundry off the garage, or do you prefer it in the basement or perhaps on the 2nd floor.

Maybe the laundry room is not an issue but you are fond of entertaining. Since we know that company always ends up in the kitchen then maybe you want to make the kitchen a priority. It is entirely possible to design the kitchen of your dreams and then have the architect or home designer to create a house around the kitchen!

Another consideration is how you get things done in your home. If you work out of the house you may need a home office. If going to the gym is a regular occurrence you might want an exercise area. Though the living room has faded away in many new home designs there are some people who still want it. As you think of how the house will be used then jot down some ideas or create an idea book at Houzz.

Without a doubt in today’s homes the modern bathroom is a priority. The bathroom is an excellent space in which to glamorize with function, storage, lighting and the latest in showering accessories. Today’s shower is more than a space to water by way of a simple faucet and shower head. It can be a complete bathing experience with steam, pulsating jets where ‘pampering’ oneself rules. And it should be that way.

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Nothing like a new custom house.

Think of the Family

Another step in the path of building your ultimate dream house is to consider the other members of your family, especially if there are young children, or future plans to have a room for retired parents or in-laws. With young children their needs are completely different from their needs when teens. With toddlers and young kids it is all about safety, with teens it is all about how to get them to vacate the nest, which is more of a challenge when the space they are enjoying is a bit too cozy.

I hope this ‘beginner’ course on how to build a house is helpful. As for when to build your new home…well as any builder who loves to build will answer that question simply by responding, “yesterday!”

Let us know if we can help you with a new home.